2013 VECCS
“Members ONLY”
Spring Recreational
Continuing Education Symposium

The VECCS Spring Symposium was held at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Cancun, April 24-28, and was attended by 185 vets and techs, joined by another 80 companions. The featured speakers for the symposium were Drs Matt Mellema, DACVECC, and Erika Reineke, DACVECC.  Dr Mellema is assistant professor at UC Davis College of Veterinary Medicine and Dr Reineke is assistant professor of Emergency & Critical Care at University of Pennsylvania. They delivered several presentations on a variety of EM/CC topics, to include:
• Lipid Emulsion for small animal poisonings
• Goal directed fluid therapy
• Stabilization/management of the DKA patient
• Hetastarch CRI vs bolus
• Treating penetrating abdominal injuries
• Water and sodium balance in critical patients  

Additional program highlights:
• Dr Dennis Burkett provided a Journals Year-in-Review and later he conducted a special lunch-time session entitled "Bureaulogical Disorders: Leadership and what you need to know to be successful."  This was a very interactive and stimulating session.
• Dr Marie Kerl presented an update on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
• A case discussion panel, chaired by Dr Elke Rudloff, wrapped up the program on Sunday morning.

All attendees were treated to a colorful and entertaining Welcome Reception on the poolside lawn Thursday evening. While over 15 hours of CE were presented, the registrants and guests still had ample time off to enjoy the beach and tours of the Mayan communities on the Yucatan peninsula.   A special Thank you to the Spring Symposium exhibitors and sponsors: PetRays Telemedicine Consultants, Dan Scott & Associates, and Hallowell, EMC. Proceedings booklet was published which includes all the lectures and can be ordered through the VECCS on-line store.  Click Here


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